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After exploring different areas of the KSR Public Aquarium, you will arrive at the aquarium’s main building i.e. KSR Public Aquarium. The detailing on the mural painted on the wall of this building is one of its distinguishing features. This wall painting was inspired by detailed research into the depths of the sea, where many different species of fish, such as sharks, and other aquatic organisms, such as octopus and jellyfish, can be found. Looking at this wall painting makes you feel like scuba diving. Your excitement will definitely reach its peak, Before you enter into the KSR Public Aquarium.

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You can see various types, colours, breeds, and sizes of fish here. Freshwater fish such as discus and giant red-tailed catfish, Atlantic ocean fish such as moray eel, Indo-Pacific ocean fish such as bur fish, South American fish such as red bellied piranha, tiger shovel, pacu piranha, catfish, tiger shark, and Amazon like shovelnose Fish in the river, stingrays brought from Singapore, running fish like the Mbuna cichlid, fish lying around eating like bichir, the clownfish from the film ‘Finding Nemo’ and their special bond with the anemone, each and every fish and its antics are simply amazing.

Another advantage is the chance to interact with starfish. You’ve probably seen photos of starfish. They appear to be very appealing. Isn’t it incredible that we have the opportunity to touch a starfish? The sensation of holding a starfish in your hands is unforgettable. You should come here to experience this feeling.

Hence you should visit the KSR Public Aquarium to get this amazing experience.

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